For this context, the word Sponsor(s) is a noun. More specifically, Sponsors are the names of individuals or entities who appear when you click on a “Pin” utilizing global mapping technology. This is the party who facilitates exchange opportunities between providers and recipients utilizing the global mapping P2PAN network.


So what would this look like?


Imagine a place, which almost every one on the planet has access to, where you could view and communicate with providers and recipients of charitable activities and services. 

A place where, by simply clicking on a “Pin”, takes you to a map to anywhere in the world where charitable needs or resources exist.  

Just as global mapping  uses “Pins” today, when clicked on, these “Pins” directly link you to the underlying photo or information provided by its creator or Sponsor.  

Using this same technology, Sponsors would attach links to their particular charitable activity so that by clicking on the “Pin” potential donors could receive information vital to assisting their decision process for possible charitable giving.     

Role of Sponsors

The Sponsor is a conduit and facilitator for connecting those who have resources to provide to those who have a need for resources and is not responsible for the actions/activities of either.   

Sponsors are responsible for documenting recipient’s requests, setting up accounts and completing required forms while adhering to network guidelines.   

Through the use of standardized forms, sponsor account setup is easy, efficient and consistent.    

All Sponsor documentation will contain a Liability Statement notifying all parties of their rights and responsibilities.    

Sponsors, donors, or recipients, who knowingly submit false or misleading information can be held legally accountable or dismissed from future network activities.   

Some sponsors may provide support activities for other purposes such as network or promotional opportunities. (Think Google, PayPal, YouTube)