EcoSystem Examples

Need Request:  Marshall County Junior High School would like to send their band to the state finals so the band director drops a Pin on the P2PAN network for donations. The director sends a request stating, “In order to make this happen, we need your help. We will be having a bake sale this Saturday at the Fire Station. If you can help by donating your time and baked goods we would be very grateful.”

Need Response:  8 individuals respond to the Pin with bakery products and the day of the sale they raise the necessary funding. (Used a silent auction also!) The following Monday the Marshall school band coordinator receives a call from an anonymous Sponsor who would like to reward the individuals who gave of their time and money to make the event a success. This Sponsor is having a BBQ dinner in honor of those compassionate people and is now requesting food donations for the event and so she drops a Pin. The local grocer responds to the Sponsors request for food by providing all of the meat for the BBQ. (Local hero’s!) The BBQ is a great success and everyone involved become life-long friends.

Need Request: Alice Helpsall lives in a small community in Dayton and drops a Pin on the P2PAN network. Alice has ponies the Autistic children from nearby community’s ride daily at her facilities. Alice welcomes small groups of autistic children to experience a part of life that otherwise would not have existed for these kids. She needs your help in providing the hay for the ponies she uses. Alice is asking for 1 Round Bail of hay per month. If you can assist, you would be her angel.

Need Response: Kathy Happy and her animal rescue group in nearby Blanton see Alice’s request and informs her that they have just what she needs. But there is one small issue. Kathy needs someone with a trailer to haul the hay to Alice. So, Kathy drops a Pin on the P2PAN and reaches out to the local community for someone with a trailer and within minutes, all is well. The town of Blanton uses push notifications for mobile devices when Pins are issued. 

Need Request: Mary Need lives in south Florida and has a son who has a very rare disease for which he needs an expensive operation which she cannot afford. Alice, Mary’s neighbor, decides she wants to sponsor Mary and so she drops a Pin on the P2PAN network for her and asks that you visit Mary’s Go-Fund-Me page to provide any assistance possible. 

Need Response: Go to the P2PAN Network and link to Mary’s G-F-M account. Also check for other resources on the network.

Need Request: Matt Damon appears on a TV advertisement and explains the dire water needs facing many people across the world. Stella Artois, who sponsors Matt and the ad, drops a Pin on the P2PAN network to direct you to where you can go to help this very important cause. It’s been a couple days since I’ve seen the promotion and I have forgotten his name and the name of the company.  

Need Response: Go to P2PAN and search the network the same as you would using any search tool. Click on the Pin and compassion away. 

Need Request: A devastating storm has struck the community of Uplifthim, Texas and rapidly rising waters are putting many lives at risk. First responders drop a Red Pin to call for assistance from the Cajun Navy and local boat owners and explain their needs. This request is what’s known as a Priority request. Pins are color coded for different usage or activity levels. A Pin for life saving activities is Red so that would be the color of the Pins dropped in this instance.  Pin color code- (Red= Life Threatening Emergency, Yellow=Non-life-threatening emergency, Green=All Other Request) 

Need Response: First responders are able to communicate with the Cajun Navy, as well as citizens, and other first responders by dropping Red Pins to show the specific location(s) where lives are at the highest potential risk. Utilizing the Pins, the first responders know the precise locations where their life saving resources can most effectively be utilized. First responders use push notifications for mobile devices when Red Pins are issued. 

Need Request: An amber alert has been issued for 4 counties in Southeast Texas. Red Pins are dropped in each affected county and because these counties use the mobile push notification system, residents receive the alert within minutes. Red Pins are utilized in this case because mostly all amber cases involve someone who’s life is at risk.  

Need Response: All 4 communities affected by the amber alert use a mobile alert system that residents sign up for. Residents know to use this amber alert to receive additional information on P2PAN that is not available on the initial alert. Seeing the car described in the amber alert drive off the freeway and pull into a parking lot and forcibly steal another vehicle, Bob knows it’s the same perpetrators because of their description he read on the network. Bob contacts authorities to provide the assistance they need to rescue the victims.  

Need Request: Fires are burning out of control and thousands of area residents lives are in danger as the path of the fire moves their direction. First responders sound sirens and go door to door making residents leave immediately. Residents have no idea of the circumstances or details about the fires other than they must evacuate. Residents are forced to leave pets, including horses and cattle, because human lives are more important and without updated information regarding the fire they have no choice but to evacuate.  

Need Response: By employing the P2PAN network and utilizing push notifications, first responders are able to notify residents of the impending fire more efficiently and effectively.  First responders, utilizing aerial drones, relay video to communities in the path and post it on the network. Residents have enough time to rescue their animals and potentially save lives.


Examples of Charitable Recipients and Possible Contact Information:

United Way (usual and customary contact information, link, video)

Community/Education/Religious (name, address, phone, email)  

Blue Santa (Bob Smith or Susan Smith, phone)   

Galveston Beach Cleanup (name, email, video)   

Blue Santa (name, Skype, facebook) 6000 gifts to 2000 children in Galveston, TX.   

LA Soup Kitchen (name, address)

A Van Martin (name, email) individual medical assistance 

Joe Smith (name, address, Skype) shelter for injured pets   

Ron Smith Charters (name, address, text) Fishermen for Food fishing tournament   

Anonymous Santa (name, link, video) Santa’s address is at the North Pole   

(*Some donor/recipient activities may require automated responses via a gateway, i.e. thanks, receipts, maps, photos, etc.)


Examples of Charitable Constituents:

Google (Google Earth, network development/support, etc.)   

Apple (messaging, software, apps, etc.)   

Microsoft (messaging , software, apps, etc.)   

PayPal (funding functions, etc.)   

GoFundMe (funding functions, etc.)  

ABC (sponsor, television exposure, telethon, events, etc.)   

Facebook (social media tool, communications, etc.)   

Whatsapp (social media tool, etc.)  

Youtube (communication tool for sponsors, donors, recipient’s   

Skype (communication tool for sponsors, donors, recipient’s  

Periscope (communication tool for sponsors, donors, recipient’s   

NFL (sponsor, training camp for underprivileged, youth camp, mentoring programs, etc.)   

Personalities (Sting, Pitts, U2, Gates, Buffet, CEO’s)

GoDaddy (web sites & tools)


Examples of Charitable Recipients Needs:  

Non-Monetary (food, land, facilities, expertise, etc.)   

Time (for people, animals, environment, etc.)   

Fund Raising (bake sales, pledge drive, car wash, etc)   

Local Activities (beach cleanup, food bank, pet vaccination, etc.)  

Monetary (United Way, private donations, assets, etc)  

Community Service (fund raising, barn raising, communication services, etc)   

Regional/Nation (habitat for humanity, blood drive, special event fund raising, etc)   

Global (UNICEF, Feed the Children, donate any time to anyone anywhere in the world).