Role of Donors

It is the donor’s responsibility for verifying, validating, monitoring, maintaining or otherwise entering into any giving situation with potential recipients. 

Donors should, at a minimum, be able to monitor and verify all charitable activities to ensure that donations are being utilized as expected.  Any unintended or questionable use of proceeds or activities should be acted upon accordingly. 

Sponsors, donors, or recipients, who knowingly submit false or misleading information may be held legally accountable or dismissed from future network activities.


Role of Recipients

It is the recipient’s role to provide potential sponsors/donors with the necessary information supporting the charitable activity. The recipient should also provide and maintain ongoing communication and documentation, if required. It is also the recipient’s responsibility to utilize donations as stated in the sponsor’s initial requests for information. Recipients may also be sponsors as long as they are clearly designated as such.  Any changes to information or activities affecting the use of proceeds should be promptly reported to sponsors.